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Meeting Youth Vision

The frosty Harlaw reservoir en route to the cottage

On a particularly icy Thursday morning, David, Antigoni, Luc and I drove to the Pentlands to visit the brilliant charity ‘Youth Vision’. We parked nearby, headed up towards their off-grid victorian cottage. They bumped into us as we wandered aimlessly like lost sheep, and directed us to the cottage.

Once we arrived, we helped them start a fire to make coffee, then sat down for pancakes, coffee, and a chat. We discussed the feasibility of us building a turbine on their site, and they gave us some contacts at other charities who may also be interested in our project.

Once all that was left of breakfast was jam smeared plates, Sara took us on a tour of the site. Located just above the beautiful Threipmuir Reservoir, it is easy to understand how the cottage helps young people reconnect with the land! Hut building, beehive construction, open fire cooking, community gardening, and woodworking are just a few of the many things to do for the young people involved. I even had a turn in their lovely ‘compost toilet’ excellently produced by the children Youth Vision work with.

Visiting them was a breath of fresh air in more ways than one!

Find out more about Youth Vision at:

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