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Students behind the project

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

Behind every great project there is a great human. In the case of Winds of Change, there is a whole bunch of them! Meet our team leaders:

David - Project Manager

Former chemical engineer who saw the light and now has his sights set on the renewables industry. He spends unhealthy amounts of time thinking about wind turbines.

Mary - Deputy Project Manager

Bit turbulent, mostly breezy.

Andras - Circuits and Battery

Electrical engineering student who loves any challenging tasks from engineering design, through learning new skills to competitive sports. He would also like to help stop global warming, hence this project was ideal for him.

Elena - Emergency Braking

Elena is interested in clean energy and natural materials that can replace plastic. She loves to design and manufacture, from concept to fruition. Oh, and she is fuelled by Oreos.

Arpan - Structural and Housing

Arpan is excited to help supply green energy to a very good cause.

He's got the least stressful job of making sure that the wind turbine doesn't fall over.

Antigoni - Location and Environment

Civil engineering student who spends a disturbing amount of time watching random YouTube videos, from cool wind turbine designs to "How to be a professional triangle player". Fun fact: civil engineering is not only bridges!

Sharon - Resources and Accounts

Knows more about cooling towers than wind turbines (they're both pretty cool though) but can count to 10. Loves Digestives, odd numbers and Tesco meal deals - the three main requirements to be a decent low-key accountant.

Katherine - Flat Pack Turbine

Mechanical engineer that gets a bit too much into using CAD, so is always looking for any excuse to do so. Gives literally any craft a go and thinks it’ll be a laugh to make a mini wind turbine.

Isidoros - Generator

Passionate about renewable energy, DIY’ng and calzones. Trying to make the world a wee bit better by contributing to the manufacturing or/and designing of (small scale) wind turbines. 10/10 would recommend.

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