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Visiting the Site

We had a great time Monday meeting Lucy and a group of volunteers from the Cyrenians!

It was really interesting finding about what they do at their green spaces, to create a community and help improve people's mental health. However, we are engineers nonetheless, and spent more time talking about the drainage system they are planning on putting in, the solar panels that may be coupled with our wind turbine and the pump they want to use to water their plants.

We learnt a lot about exactly what their needs are and how our wind turbine would fit in. Our conversation also helped clarify how much electricity they will require at the garden and we are going to write up a clear estimate of their power and storage needs, to help them buy the right amount of power generation.

Working with the Cyrenians is really an amazing break for our project and we are excited to see where this goes! It was great to see how our engineering skills can help their project along.

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