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Where to put a wind turbine?

We have recently visited our location for the wind turbine. When choosing one, it is crucial to take into account constant wind speeds for a continuous energy production. Usually, this means that you want to locate your turbine far from buildings and trees. Another vital factor is the distance of the turbine from where the energy will be used: if it is far away, it is more expensive to connect on the grid.

Our wind turbine will be located in one of the Cyrenians’ community gardens. Not only it suitable for the turbine in terms of air flows, but it’s also a welcoming space for people with mental or physical health problems, who might experience isolation or poverty. Here they can be active, grow food and, very importantly, socialise. In addition, the garden regularly runs various workshops, courses and events.

By locating our wind turbine here, we hope to help the Cyrenians have electricity which they will be able to use for their events and garden activities.

By Natalie Nosenko

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